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Let’s Apply Your Sentiment…

26 July 2019

“The Department of Justice announced they would resume capital punishment. Let me be clear: capital punishment is immoral and deeply flawed. Too many innocent people have been put to death.”

—Alleged Senator Kamala Harris

If we have faith in our system of justice, the likelihood of an innocent being on death row is pretty slim. At any Planned Parenthood “clinic”, the likelihood of an innocent being on death row is 100%. Which should we be more concerned about then, Ms. Harris?


A Travesty In Two Acts

24 July 2019

What a circus our government has become. What a travesty when a party, under the guise of a “hearing” will cherry pick a report, voice their opinion, and then try to get the author to corroborate it. These two “Mueller” hearings demonstrated beyond a doubt that the whole “collusion” investigation was nothing but a witch hunt. A failed witch hunt which those who orchestrated it tried to resuscitate through this charade today.

Buffoons in office

And what a doddering fool Mueller appears to be? Was this doddering confusion orchestrated to eat up the time of those asking the tough questions? He definitely seemed more on-point with those who were on his side of the opinion wall. How thin his excuse for having Clinton supporters staffing his investigation. How convenient his intransigence in discussing the “dossier”. “Uh, uh – I can’t recall… Was that in the report? Is that what it says in the report?” What a simp!

Um, what is my name again?

I almost laughed out loud as they fully described Clinton, and then assigned that description to Trump: A candidate so intent on winning that they would do anything to succeed and a candidate so deeply concerned with their own gathering of wealth that they would happily cooperate with enemies of our country. Both fit Clinton – whose campaign authored the infamous “dossier”, and whose husband received exquisite remuneration for speaking in Russia after her State Department handed them control of our Uranium supply.

I hold out little hope for our country and our way of life as long as people such as these can go about their chicanery bald-faced, and get re-elected.

I would hope that this two-ring circus will have exposed them for who they are, but – alas! SOMEONE elected them to office. And those SOMEONEs are still out there, swallowing this crap hook-line-and- sinker. After all, this is how their “news” is also reported: spoon-fed propaganda.