Sigh. That’s been the headline on the Drudge Report for the past two days.

So the constant thump-thump-thump of the leftist drumbeat is finally having its intended affect: the GOP is gathering in a circle, holding hands, ignoring rational logic, and committing political suicide.

No GOP candidate who supports gun control will make it back into office unless the democrats suddenly decide to vote for them.

Conservatives and other sentient beings recognize that any attempt to control criminal activity via legislation is futile. All legislation does is create the legal justification for punishment and enforcement. It does not prevent or preclude the offending act; it simply defines it and the punishment for committing it. It does eliminate something, though: your freedoms.

Most people who espouse the tenets of the left don’t seem to be able to get past the rhetoric. They seem to miss the concept that criminals, both by definition and their very nature, are called such because they don’t obey laws. What this means is pretty obvious: any new gun laws will have no affect on their activities. But there are also those on the left who understand this concept all too well, and have been working strenuously to enact these and similar laws.

So let’s talk about what these so-called “common sense” gun laws actually do. First, they make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to obtain firearms – keep in mind that these are not the people they claim to want to control. Further, almost to a one, these “common sense” gun laws criminalize acts that law-abiding citizens commonly engage in: private purchases and transfers. This includes a parent “passing down” a firearm.

And what about the truly common sense laws already on the books? I mean: isn’t it already a felony to commit a crime using a firearm? Isn’t it already a capital offense to murder, no matter the means employed? Isn’t felonious assault already a crime? What makes anyone think additional gun laws will do any better than these?

Their ultimate goal, my friends, is *not* to disarm criminals; it is to disarm everyone. Their goal is *not* to limit the availability of firearms to the citizenry, it is to eliminate all firearms held by the citizenry. And their efforts are directed directly at the law-abiding because, as we have already said, criminals, by definition and nature, have no regard for any of their silly laws.

And now the GOP appears to be ready to play along.

Bravo. Prepare for a lifetime of despotic democrat rule. They appear to be getting their prize, and the keys to the kingdom with it.


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