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Hell, Yes!

13 September 2019

“Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.”

– Francis “Don’t Call Me Francis” O’Rourke

“I will…bring a fight to the NRA and corporate gun lobby like they have never seen before.”

– Cory “Don’t Call Me Francis, Either” Booker

Francis? Cory? Do you have any understanding at all that your “enemy” on the subject of gun control and gun confiscation is definitely not some “club” or “corporation”, but “John Q Public” – the very people you expect to elect you to high office.

Do you really think that you are engendering any desire to pull the lever for you in the roughly 43% of the population who have guns in the home? You see, despite all the rhetoric, most legal gun owners understand that the gun is not the problem; the problems are unstable people holding guns, and politicians who wish to disarm those whom they prey upon…