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A Note To Those In WDC

11 October 2019

We are not blind, and we are not stupid:

Just because you call them “whistle blowers” does not change their role from partisan liars and leakers.

And just because you hide behind party politics does not mean it’s not treason and sedition.

Your attempts to overturn the 2016 election through invention and treachery – even though the “media” has become nothing more than your propaganda arm – are obvious.

I’ve read Solzhenitsyn. I’ve read the script you’re playing from. Others have, too.

I don’t know how you can sleep at night knowing what you are stirring up. Eventually, it will come for you, in one form or another. Either “we the people”; or, if we prove to be too weak-willed having been lulled by over a half century of luxurious, pampered living and your socialism-inspired public education system: the machine you useful idiots are building – if you’re successful, the same fate awaits you as those who created the soviet union when their handlers took the reins. One of these will be coming for you. For the sake of my descendants, I hope it’s the former.