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The Masquerade

7 May 2012
The Bullshitvik leads the charge…

Lifted wholesale from The Patriot Post:

“Nearly 1,000 protesters were arrested in New York between Sept. 18 and Oct. 15. Police collected information on each arrestee’s name, age, sex, criminal charge, home address and — in most cases — race. The median value of the homes of the arrestees was $305,000 — a far higher number than the $185,400 median value of owner-occupied homes of the rest of us. Ninety-five of the arrestees lived in homes valued at more than $500,000. Those who rented paid a median rent of $1,850 per month. Of the 984 protesters arrested, at least 797 are white. One Occupy Wall Street protester arrested — presumably, if you listen to the mainstream media, penniless and from a blue-collar family — lived in an $850,000 home in the nation’s capital. -economist Walter E. Williams

As many have long suspected, the “Øccupy” crowd is clearly not who they would have you believe they are. These people are not the poor, decrepit victims of a heartless, capitalist society, but wealthy socialist tyrants who wish to have more power over your lives; more ability to take from you for the “good of others”. And, as history has demonstrated time and again, those “others” will not be those who the socialists claim to to be helping, but those socialists themselves.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, elections clearly do have repercussions. It is my sincere hope that the yet unfelt repercussion of the 2008 election will not be the destruction for all time of The United States of America as the last remaining bastion of freedom.


Who Will Protect Us?

3 May 2012
The Armed Citizen. Our Protector.

Reading such quotes from the founding fathers as:

“No freeman shall ever be debarred the use of arms.”
Thomas Jefferson (1776)

“The advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation … forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition, more insurmountable than any which a simple government of any form can admit of.” James Madison (1788)

“We established however some, although not all its [self-government] important principles . The constitutions of most of our States assert, that all power is inherent in the people; …that it is their right and duty to be at all times armed.” —Thomas Jefferson (1824)

How can anyone, with a straight face, assert that the intention of the 2nd amendment could be anything other than, specifically:

“…being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”The 2nd Amendment To The Constitution of The United States.

I can’t fathom it. But, to all who would have no guns in the hands of the citizenry, I would confidently bet that you would live to regret your position in the event it ever came to pass. It is abundantly clear, in this current political climate, that all that stands between you keeping your life and possessions and those same being owned or taken away by your government is that they cannot stand long against the army which is the armed US citizenry.

I pray that you never come to realize this change of heart via those means, but, at the same time, I also pray that you come to that change of heart through  rational means…


Where Is The Outrage, Part II

23 April 2012
Blind justice? Only for some…

One of the Strait’s daughters, Lenore Gay, said the investigation is ongoing, but she is unhappy that Tulsa police have mustered nowhere near the resources in her parents’ case as those applied to a nationally reported shooting spree in Tulsa that occurred at around the same time. -ArmyTimes, 21 April 2012

Huh! So they’re mustering all they can against some white guys responsible for shooting some black folks – those black folks allegedly involved in the shooting of one of the white guy’s father. Hmm. White guy shoots black guy. Lots of press. Lots of police support.

In the meantime, some sick pukes who raped and murdered an 85 year old woman, and beat her 90 year old husband into a hospital stay are at large with, apparently, no effort to even find out who they are. Black perpetrators, white victims. Very little press. Almost no police support. Hmm.

What does this say to you folks? To me, it says that our county is in hostile hands. The rights of some are more important than the rights of others. Justice is being meted out based on “race” and “privilege”. This is not good.

Affirmative action has always just been codified reverse discrimination. Entitlements, too, have long been a form of reverse discrimination – as is our tax code itself. Those who pay into federal program can never hope to avail themselves of the benefits provided to others – they make too much money. They must bear the burden of all their expenses, while the “underprivileged” reap the benefits of the taxes paid by others. Now, apparently, this reverse discrimination has infected our system of law enforcement and justice. Those who work (or, in this case, have worked) to provide for themselves – while, notably, providing for all the people who derive their living by receiving government checks – no longer receive equal treatment under the law. Any act of white-on-black violence, as comparatively rare as it may be, receives undo media attention as well as undo enforcement attention.

If you are thinking that the next election is about keeping socialism out of the government of our country, you’re wrong. This next election will be about  expelling socialism from our government, and repairing whatever damage we can before they weasel their way in for another bout of destruction. The socialists have been realizing their machinations against our way of government for over 100 years now, both via Republicans and Democrats – but most obviously in the past 60+ years via the Democrats – a party that bears little resemblance to its roots.



11 April 2012
These elderly people
were attacked by this piece of excrement on 14 March  2012 in Oklahoma.

The elderly gentleman is 90 years old, was beaten, and shot in the face with a BB gun by the 20 year old perpetrator. He is in the hospital.

She was – note that: WAS – 85 years old. This fine, upstanding youth SEXUALLY ASSAULTED her – read that again. The poor, disadvantaged 20 year old sexually assaulted this 85 year old woman. And beat her to death.

The poor, underprivileged, yet pure-as-the-driven-snow youth also stole their car, money, and some valuables from their home.

Where is farrakhan? Where is jackson?! Oh, yeah – jackson and farrakan are on their way to Tulsa to protest the Good Friday shooting of five black people by a white guy…

Where is sharpton? Where’s the bounty on this person from the new black panthers? Where is spike lee’s tweet with the perps address? Where is Øbama stating how his grandparents would have looked like them?


Hey, Øbama: Give Woodford a respectable haircut and, guess what! He looks like he could be your son, too. It works both ways.