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15 January 2020

A rich man is not he who has the most. It is he who needs the least.


A Note To Those In WDC

11 October 2019

We are not blind, and we are not stupid:

Just because you call them “whistle blowers” does not change their role from partisan liars and leakers.

And just because you hide behind party politics does not mean it’s not treason and sedition.

Your attempts to overturn the 2016 election through invention and treachery – even though the “media” has become nothing more than your propaganda arm – are obvious.

I’ve read Solzhenitsyn. I’ve read the script you’re playing from. Others have, too.

I don’t know how you can sleep at night knowing what you are stirring up. Eventually, it will come for you, in one form or another. Either “we the people”; or, if we prove to be too weak-willed having been lulled by over a half century of luxurious, pampered living and your socialism-inspired public education system: the machine you useful idiots are building – if you’re successful, the same fate awaits you as those who created the soviet union when their handlers took the reins. One of these will be coming for you. For the sake of my descendants, I hope it’s the former.


Hell, Yes!

13 September 2019

“Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.”

– Francis “Don’t Call Me Francis” O’Rourke

“I will…bring a fight to the NRA and corporate gun lobby like they have never seen before.”

– Cory “Don’t Call Me Francis, Either” Booker

Francis? Cory? Do you have any understanding at all that your “enemy” on the subject of gun control and gun confiscation is definitely not some “club” or “corporation”, but “John Q Public” – the very people you expect to elect you to high office.

Do you really think that you are engendering any desire to pull the lever for you in the roughly 43% of the population who have guns in the home? You see, despite all the rhetoric, most legal gun owners understand that the gun is not the problem; the problems are unstable people holding guns, and politicians who wish to disarm those whom they prey upon…



7 August 2019

Sigh. That’s been the headline on the Drudge Report for the past two days.

So the constant thump-thump-thump of the leftist drumbeat is finally having its intended affect: the GOP is gathering in a circle, holding hands, ignoring rational logic, and committing political suicide.

No GOP candidate who supports gun control will make it back into office unless the democrats suddenly decide to vote for them.

Conservatives and other sentient beings recognize that any attempt to control criminal activity via legislation is futile. All legislation does is create the legal justification for punishment and enforcement. It does not prevent or preclude the offending act; it simply defines it and the punishment for committing it. It does eliminate something, though: your freedoms.

Most people who espouse the tenets of the left don’t seem to be able to get past the rhetoric. They seem to miss the concept that criminals, both by definition and their very nature, are called such because they don’t obey laws. What this means is pretty obvious: any new gun laws will have no affect on their activities. But there are also those on the left who understand this concept all too well, and have been working strenuously to enact these and similar laws.

So let’s talk about what these so-called “common sense” gun laws actually do. First, they make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to obtain firearms – keep in mind that these are not the people they claim to want to control. Further, almost to a one, these “common sense” gun laws criminalize acts that law-abiding citizens commonly engage in: private purchases and transfers. This includes a parent “passing down” a firearm.

And what about the truly common sense laws already on the books? I mean: isn’t it already a felony to commit a crime using a firearm? Isn’t it already a capital offense to murder, no matter the means employed? Isn’t felonious assault already a crime? What makes anyone think additional gun laws will do any better than these?

Their ultimate goal, my friends, is *not* to disarm criminals; it is to disarm everyone. Their goal is *not* to limit the availability of firearms to the citizenry, it is to eliminate all firearms held by the citizenry. And their efforts are directed directly at the law-abiding because, as we have already said, criminals, by definition and nature, have no regard for any of their silly laws.

And now the GOP appears to be ready to play along.

Bravo. Prepare for a lifetime of despotic democrat rule. They appear to be getting their prize, and the keys to the kingdom with it.


Let’s Apply Your Sentiment…

26 July 2019

“The Department of Justice announced they would resume capital punishment. Let me be clear: capital punishment is immoral and deeply flawed. Too many innocent people have been put to death.”

—Alleged Senator Kamala Harris

If we have faith in our system of justice, the likelihood of an innocent being on death row is pretty slim. At any Planned Parenthood “clinic”, the likelihood of an innocent being on death row is 100%. Which should we be more concerned about then, Ms. Harris?


A Travesty In Two Acts

24 July 2019

What a circus our government has become. What a travesty when a party, under the guise of a “hearing” will cherry pick a report, voice their opinion, and then try to get the author to corroborate it. These two “Mueller” hearings demonstrated beyond a doubt that the whole “collusion” investigation was nothing but a witch hunt. A failed witch hunt which those who orchestrated it tried to resuscitate through this charade today.

Buffoons in office

And what a doddering fool Mueller appears to be? Was this doddering confusion orchestrated to eat up the time of those asking the tough questions? He definitely seemed more on-point with those who were on his side of the opinion wall. How thin his excuse for having Clinton supporters staffing his investigation. How convenient his intransigence in discussing the “dossier”. “Uh, uh – I can’t recall… Was that in the report? Is that what it says in the report?” What a simp!

Um, what is my name again?

I almost laughed out loud as they fully described Clinton, and then assigned that description to Trump: A candidate so intent on winning that they would do anything to succeed and a candidate so deeply concerned with their own gathering of wealth that they would happily cooperate with enemies of our country. Both fit Clinton – whose campaign authored the infamous “dossier”, and whose husband received exquisite remuneration for speaking in Russia after her State Department handed them control of our Uranium supply.

I hold out little hope for our country and our way of life as long as people such as these can go about their chicanery bald-faced, and get re-elected.

I would hope that this two-ring circus will have exposed them for who they are, but – alas! SOMEONE elected them to office. And those SOMEONEs are still out there, swallowing this crap hook-line-and- sinker. After all, this is how their “news” is also reported: spoon-fed propaganda.


Senile Ex-President Says Trump Illegitimate

28 June 2019

I don’t think any more than that headline is required. How they believe a jackass who is the second worst president in the recent history of these United States – whose every policy made the US weaker, and the citizenry more miserable – remains – or ever was – relevant is far beyond me. EVERYTHING investigated has indicated that the “Russian interference” in our elections was ineffectual – except within the minds of the deranged and, apparently, the senile.

You want to talk about Russian interference in our elections? Talk about Øbama, who ignored it. Talk about Clinton who profited from it. And talk about Clapper and Comey, who invented it…


What? Not good enough for you?

6 June 2019

So, am I the only one to note that Google chose to ignore the 75th anniversary of the event that is one of the main reasons we’re not all goose-stepping and speaking German? Am I the only one to notice that they did not see fit to place value on the huge sacrifice made on the beaches and land surrounding Normandy which, for the most part, broke the hold the Nazis (that’s the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, by the way) had on Europe?

Huh! How odd…


PS: I did note that they also chose not to honor any of their global leftist favorites today as well. Maybe that was their tribute to those who perished on that day so long ago?

Of Oaths and Betrayals

4 June 2019

“The president hasn’t just refused to condemn a foreign power that attacked our democracy. He’s also failed to protect the country’s voting systems against future attacks. He betrays his oath every day.”

—Hillary Clinton

Aside from the obvious irony in that statement, there is only one other point worthy of note: Barack Hussein Øbama was president – and assuring the people that no sane person could possibly believe a foreign power could do so – when Russia was meddling in our elections.

So tell me a again, Hillary, just exactly who it was who betrayed his oath every day, and with just about every executive order he wrote?

Yeah. I didn’t think you’d thought that through…


And so…?

31 May 2019

 “I could win a Nobel Prize in Physics & they’d still call me dumb. That’s why I don’t give a damn about misogynist takes on my intelligence.”

—Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Yes, yes – you definitely COULD win a Nobel Prize in Physics – after all, didn’t they award the Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Hussein Øbama for… um… well… uh… for… Well, I guess: for the HUGE accomplishment of being elected our first half-black president.

But, dearie, if you WERE the recipient of that once-respected award, you’d still be as dumb as a rock. You see, Alexandria, the perception of your intelligence has nothing to do with your gender (but hurrah for actually recognizing what your biological gender is! There’s a HUGE swath of your fellow leftists who are thoroughly confused on the concept…); nor does it have to do with anyone’s dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against it. It only has to do with your demonstrated lack of intellect; your apparent inability to go any deeper than a stone thrown to skip off the surface, but which never even touches the water. Look – its not just you. I personally think Biden is as dumb as a rock, too. Waters, Pelosi, Nadler, too. (I think Schumer is a genius. An evil genius.) And many (allegedly) on the other side of the aisle demonstrate the intelligence of poorly-arranged sticks.

So please, Alexandria: either stop ACTING like you’re as dumb as a rock, or stop complaining that people notice that you are, in fact, as dumb as said rock. The choice of how people perceive you is in your hands. (And mouth. Yeah: you’d do well in keeping that thing shut…)

Remember: “It is better to remain silent and be thought the fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” Not mine. Not sure who said it first. Good words to live by…