The Ghost of Netflix Future

31 May 2018

“Who? Netflix? Ah, yeah. They killed themselves back in 2018. Between a couple of weird personnel decisions that decimated their viewership and a few billion in content development costs, well… The writing was on the wall.”

“Huh? I really don’t know why they did that. I guess they figured the millions the Øbamas made though politics and the presidency weren’t enough, so one of the big Øbama bundlers, also a chief content officer for Netflix, Ted Sarandos, convinced some other idiots that it would be a good idea. I can’t understand it either. Susan Rice being on the board probably didn’t hurt his efforts, either.”

“Yeah, they had some really entertaining original stuff – though the second season of Stranger Things was severely disconnected from the first season and, though sensational as all hell, really lost me. I didn’t bother finishing it. Anyway, I found interesting enough fare on Amazon Prime. Though Bezos is no conservative, at least he has had the good sense not to hire up the failed Øbama administration.”

“I know, right? What could the Øbamas and Susan Rice possibly bring to the entertainment industry? Dyed-in-the-wool leftists – socialists, if you ask me –  how will they resist using this platform to spew leftist garbage? Not that much in Hollywood and the like have much that leans right, mind you. What possible business sense could this make?! None, I tell you. It is purely politically motivated. Netflix is now a declared propaganda arm for the left. And it’s not like Øbama needed it – Lord knows: every mainstream media outlet is staffed by Øbama sycophants. So much so that he has had a rather loud voice in trying to derail the Trump agenda. I don’t recall any other ex-president (and I use the term loosely) attempting to interfere – openly criticizing a new sitting president – in the manner Øbama has. Of course, the Bushes chimed in as well, but at least they weren’t openly engaged in destroying the country beforehand. In my opinion, Øbama behaved stupidly his entire time in office.”

“Prison time for Øbama? Don’t know. As revelation after revelation pops up from Mueller’s fishing expedition, it certainly does appear that Øbama turned the justice department into an arm of his personal supreme soviet. Biggest presidential scandal in history. And his sycophant media says he had not one scandal during his presidency! Pshaw! What about Fast and Furious? Or, another: how come so many recipients of ‘stimulus’ funds were Øbama donors? I could go on and on.”

“But, yeah – if the evidence proves that Øbama was abusing the office to the extent it appears he had been, I would think that he should be indicted for malfeasance in office, at the very least. Doubtful that would ever happen. After all, Hillary still roams the earth free as a bird after multiple felony violations.”

“Anyway, got to go. Yeah. I couldn’t countenance tacitly supporting the Øbamas through my Netflix subscription. I remember waiting a bit – such a daft move couldn’t possibly be real – but once it was confirmed, I cancelled it that very morning. Yeah, I’ve missed it. But that’s the difference between conservatives and liberals. We will make sacrifices for our principles. If tables were turned, liberals would have lobbied for laws to make Netflix illegal…”

“Hey! Gotta let you go. Yeah. Talk to you later.”


Study: Young Black Children Have Higher Suicide Rates Than Whites

22 May 2018

Hell of a headline, isn’t it? And then you read the article to find that it only applies to ages 5 – 12. Yeah: you read that right. The MSM – and some alleged scientists – thinks 5 year old kids purposefully commit suicide. Please show me one, please. Show me one child of that age that intentionally ended their life. A child that young has no basis by which to adjudge their actions regarding risk of life. I venture most believe that they walk around like Flat Stanley if they were to be run over by a steamroller.

Part of what raises my dander on this headline is that, reading through this alleged work of journalism,  theres this nugget:

The study, published Monday in the journal JAMA and based on an analysis of suicide rates among children aged 5 to 17 between 2001 and 2015, found suicide rates were 42 percent lower overall among black youths than white youths.

So why isn’t the headline “Study: White Children Have Higher Suicide Rates Than Blacks Overall”? That seems to be the main conclusion of this alleged study. I am not even going to expound upon what absolutely careless and bald pandering to race this is. Why do we have to waggle our fingers at some bullshit statistic like this to make it about race? What the hell are these assholes thinking they accomplish by trying to make something like this about race?

And the study. Just like anthropomorphic climate change: “Damn! The study doesn’t show what we want. Let’s find a way to make it do so.” Makes one ashamed to have anything to do with the sciences in today’s world.

Disgusting. How low we must scrape to keep racism alive.

I’ll tell you what: if you rely on these slack-jawed morons for your news, we’re in a heap for a heap of trouble. It ain’t about black and white, folks. People of all races commit suicide, and their reasons are as varied as are their personalities. Many people of all races live in horrid conditions. Many people of all races live in exquisite luxury. Anything that prompts one to suppress the survival instinct in order to take their own life is a mental illness and not an issue of race…


THIS is what you’re asking for…

10 May 2018

For all those (besides socialists, communists, the leadership of the DNC, and other despotic types) who believe the government should see to your needs, I can only refer you to this lesson on the subject:

THIS is what it means to have all your needs supplied by the government. It means that the government decides the rules. It means that the government can change those rules at their whim. There is no “social contract”. There are no rules that say what they must provide and to whom. If there were, who would defend those rules? Certainly, when one is dependent on the government for such basic needs, one  is unlikely to have the means to fight back.

Can you imagine being the recipient of some necessary care, only to have the government suddenly decide that you can no longer have it. For these people, they don’t have to imagine it. They get to live it.

Lesson here: do everything in your power to NOT become subject to government largess – this included electing those who do not wish to enslave you to government-provided necessities. Do all in your power to enable you to carry yourself through life without requiring the help of the government. Rely on yourself first, others second, and the government dead last. Or you may one day find yourself elderly, enfeebled, and evicted.

I’m not saying that there is no evil in the private sector. There are and always will be those who take advantage of others – but there is usually recourse against those operating in the private sector. There are also normally compassion and empathy in the private sector. By nature of what they are and how they are comprised, there can be no compassion or empathy in the bureaucracies which are set up to manage things like universal healthcare. There are also rarely such things as thoughtfulness or logic. Only machine-like adherence to rules and regulations, coupled with a  huge, slogging inefficiency which renders petitioning the bureaucracy pointless.

Think I’m full of it? Just google Alfie Evans or Charlie Gard to see two cases in point. And these were murdered by the social medicine system they hold up as the Gold Standard when discussing doing similar here. These are only the two we’re aware of, and likely only due to their young ages and the efforts of their parents to save them. How many more allow their loved ones to be terminated like sheep to the slaughter because “the government says we must”? Cases such as Alfie’s and Charlie’s are not exceptions, people. These are examples of what happens when our lives become dependent on a bureaucracy executing its rules.


Rule by credit cards…

23 March 2018

So now, we are to be ruled by leftists within credit card companies? “What do you mean?” you ask. This:–sector.html

So CitiGroup believes they should legislate and restrict choice by financially strong-arming their clientele. I call bullshit. Granted, Citi<Corp/Bank/Group/Card/Whatever> has the right to pick and choose who they do business with and how they conduct that business, but they also must accept any repercussions of those decisions. I, for one, have immediately divested myself of any and all CitiGroup financial vehicles (which will piss my employer off since their corporate card is issued by Citi. Cash only on company business for this boy from here on out…). I recommend that any business engaged in the sale of firearms move to another bank. If CitiGroup wants to rule the country, let their country be only the idiot factions that agree that banks should be able to interfere with the rights of consumers without repercussions.

Now, if legal gun owners would only take a page from the LGBT playbook and sue CitiWhatever for refusing to do business with them, we’d be all set. After all: though the US PC culture does not respect the rights of anyone who is not within one of their favored “protected classes”, there IS precedence…



Russian Collusion – Remember Thus Gem?

10 March 2018

Something occurred to me this morning as I sat sipping my coffee. With all the talk of Trump and alleged “Russian Collusion”, I remembered an incident from well before the 2016 election. I’ll just leave this here.


Øbama on Netflix? Count me out.

9 March 2018

So all the news this morning and last night was trumpeting that Netflix, my favorite entertainment venue, are “in talks” with Fearless Leader for some kind of a “production deal”. Just what we need: another venue for that jackass to tell us how it should be.

How about this: let’s take a page from the left’s playbook and start a grass-roots (a REAL grass roots) effort to turn them away from such a thing. Let’s write their CEO and let him know that we wish them NOT to engage in provide this preachy uber-leftist a platform through Netflix. Let him know that we had quite enough of The Øne, and would rather not have to sift through his drivel to find what we wish to entertain ourselves with. Let him know that if Netflix begins producing Øbamamentaries of any sort, we’ll walk our watchful selves away from Netflix and onto Prime or some streaming service.

Here is a link to his contact information.


And one “Aw Shit” wipes the record clean…

1 March 2018

“Take the guns first, go through due process second.” – Donald Trump

And, with one foolish statement, Trump loses my support.

NO right is less important than any of the others, no matter how popular or expeditious such an unconstitutional ranking may be. ALL citizens are entitled to due process before having a right wrested from them, no matter what public or personal opinion holds against said person – until they are charged with a crime (due process), or legally deemed mentally unfit (due process), you cannot legally, constitutionally take away any of their rights. Period. No matter how popular doing so will make you with the left.

As you have said yourself time and again: we are a land of laws. Those laws are documented and voluminous (and, frankly, most are unconstitutional “regulations” emanating from bureaucrats, but I digress…). They are to be followed no matter what the circumstances; no matter how inconvenient or, sometimes, seemingly illogical.

If you wish to withhold due-process, then you need an amendment to the Constitution to allow you to do so. And good luck with that…


Let’s help them dissociate with the NRA…

27 February 2018

Several companies have decided to play illogical politics (read: liberal politics), and have withdrawn their support from the NRA and from us, the NRA’s members. So, let’s show them what happens when you decide you don’t want to do business with an organization having 4.25 million members: let’s help them with their goal of having nothing to do with the NRA by simply not doing business with them any longer.

Here’s the list of those highly intelligent businesses that apparently espouse the belief that the NRA – an organization whose members are legal gun owners; an organization whose members have never been implicated in any high profile act of violence using firearms – is somehow responsible for those who are clearly not NRA members, and practice none of the NRA’s guidelines for firearm use:

  • Symantec/Norton software/Lifelock
  • Delta Airlines
  • United/Continental Airlines
  • Enterpise/Alamo/National Car Rentals
  • First National Bank of Omaha (Stop using your NRA card NOW! They’ll find another bank, I’m sure.)
  • MetLife
  • Hertz Car Rentals
  • Avis/Budget Car Rental
  • TrueCar
  • Best Western
  • Wyndham Hotels
  • Chubb Ltd.
  • Starkey Hearing Technologies
  • Paramount Rx
  • Sirva/North American Van Lines/Allied Van Lines
  • Simplisafe
  • Truecare

So get out there and give ’em what they asked for – it’s the least we could do!


“Kill The NRA!”

20 February 2018

Well ain’t that just grand! I would like the libtardian geniuses blathering that the NRA is responsible for “gun violence” to show me one – just one! – NRA member who has committed any sort of mass shooting or other such atrocity with their legally-owned, well maintained firearm(s). Just one. I’ll wait right here…


What? No takers? There’s a reason for that. If you use concealed carry permit holders as a surrogate for NRA membership*, and you analyze actual crime statistics – and I’m not saying just “gun violence”; all crimes – the number of NRA members that have been convicted of crimes is an absolutely trivial component of US crime statistics. And, as a percentage of total membership, it minuscule when compared with the percentage of US citizens convicted of just gun crimes. And the VAST majority of those CCP/CPL holders on record will have been charged with “procedural” violations of their permit, such as carrying in an establishment in which alcohol is sold, or carrying in a venue seating more than XXXX people – things simply designed to trip the permit holder up.

So let’s kill the NRA. Let’s kill an organization that promotes gun safety, and provides gun safety training – especially to children. Let’t kill an organization that promote wildlife and wildlife habitat conservation. Let’s kill an organization that protects our right to bear arms, which is the right which protects all of the others. Don’t believe that last bit? BLIMEY! You have only to look to Britain where citizens are regularly fined and jailed over what they’ve said or written – most recent case in point, a woman arrested for leaving a note on an ambulance. Total gun confiscation certainly has its benefits to the “ruling class”, and that’s why it is all you hear from the leftist-controlled media and our “betters” in the DNC. It ain’t bout your safety. And it ain’t about the children (if they were interested in the children, there’d be guards in every school and no abortionists). It’s about POWER OVER YOU. Power that’s hard to gain when the armed civilian population is far greater in number than the military.

And last, this: There have been more people affiliated with the DNC who were responsible for mass murder than there have been those affiliated with the NRA. Notably, the DNC is well known for their support of gun control, up to and including confiscation. It’s part of their platform. Let that sink in for a minute or two…




* No-one is asked if they are a NRA member when arrested, but a CCP/CPL is public record, and the majority of CCP/CPL holders are affiliated with organizations such as the NRA. Also, through personal experience, every fellow CPL holder I’ve met are also members of NRA, NAGR, or state/local 2nd Amendment-supporting organizations.

Here we go again…

15 February 2018

Another maniac opens fire in a school, and the conversation devolves into one of “getting guns off the streets” and of “gun violence” and similar. Notably, these efforts are not possible,  nor are they likely to prevent some imbalanced yahoo from going on a killing spree.

Why won’t these talking heads and other gun control advocate entertain the more rational approach of having armed protectors in the schools? What about educating the teachers and children into effective means of defending themselves and each other – or, simply, means of evacuating the premises?

Why will we entertain the argument that someone with a firearm shooting back may hit the innocent when THE PERSON FIRING ON THE INNOCENT IS MOST DEFINITELY HITTING THE INNOCENT? I personally am sick to death of this “societal norm” that thinks it better that our children be sitting duck than there be someone with them to, at the very least, limit the effectiveness of some lunatic with a gun.

So, fellow parents, grandparents, and rational citizens of this fine country: can we please turn the conversation in a direction that will preserve lives instead of promoting gun control? Please?!